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February 2, 2021—Last week, museum volunteers completed work on a replica of a Northwest Airlines hangar facing.  The new display was built by an all-volunteer team to provide context for one of the museum’s oldest and rarest aircraft, a Waco JYM biplane that was flown by Charles Lindbergh.  Lead Volunteer Harry Johnson headed up the project, with construction spearheaded by John Clark and John Lori.  Painting was done by the museum’s resident artist, Tom Heany.  Many others participated in the project.  Another job well done by the museum’s volunteers!

Due to its size, the hangar facing had to be disassembled and moved into the museum in several pieces. 

The display was re-assembled near the Waco JYM and prepared for installation.

The display is hoisted into place on a scissor-lift and secured with cables.

The final installation is in place above the Waco JYM, providing context for this truly unique aircraft and surrounding exhibit.

The all-volunteer installation team.  From left to right:  Harry Johnson, Dave Seckman, John Lory, Tom Heaney, John Clarke, Mark Warren.


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