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Donate Your Time

Volunteers are essential to the on-going success of the National Museum of World War II Aviation. Last year, volunteers worked more than 39,000 hours in support of the museum’s construction and exhibit building programs, collections management, aircraft operations, museum administration and the Pikes Peak Regional Airshow.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life—and while most of them are adults, we also have a number of young people who donate time to the museum. Keep in mind, though, that volunteer applicants under the age of 18 must volunteer together with a parent or guardian.

Here’s how the volunteer application process works:

  1. Fill out the application below and express your preference of duties.

  2. The fastest track to becoming a volunteer is to select one of the Current Positions Available below.

  3. You can apply for any other Museum Volunteer Position if you prefer and you will be placed on a waiting list until one of those positions become available.

  4. When completing the Volunteer Application Form please be brief and indicate your experience as it relates to the specific job you you’ve selected.

Volunteer Opportunities

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FRONT DESK – The Front Desk position requires sitting behind the front desk and greeting customers, either validating prepaid tickets or selling new tickets, discussing topics about the museum pertaining to their interests and completing various administrative jobs as needed. This position will be interfacing with the public and will require a positive attitude and the ability focus when working with groups of people.

RETAIL DEVELOPMENT AND SALES – EBAY SALES – Markets Museum products on eBay. Selects categories and uses appropriate photographs, pricing and descriptive narratives. Responds to customer inquiries regarding products and shipment, ensuring that the right type and amount of information is provided. Selects, packs, labels, and ships products to the customer, and provides delivery timelines. Responds to customer comments regarding product quality and service and handles returns and exchanges as needed.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Works on activities to support the volunteer process, maintains associated data and forms, interacts with project or program leaders in the volunteer application and intake process, and recruits volunteers for events and activities.  Computer and Microsoft Office familiarity and the desire to work with people are required.

DOCENT OPERATIONS – Acts as a tour guide throughout the museum and WestPac Restorations, providing historical context to the museum experience.

DISPLAY DEMONSTRATION – Provides information about automated and static exhibits to interested visitors.   An Exhibit Demonstrator will be trained on exhibits to be able to operate them and explain the associated history.  They will also ensure the visitors are safe and don’t damage the exhibits.

EXHIBITS AND ARTIFACTS COORDINATION – Team members represent the museum with potential artifact donors about the acceptability of proposed donations, receive donations, catalog them in our computer database, ensure the proper storing of artifacts, and under the curator’s direction, develop and improve museum exhibits and displays.  Team members are required, with curator assistance, to identify artifacts, properly catalog them, use safe and appropriate procedures and materials to store them. 

FRONT DESK AND EVENT PLANNING – Greets museum visitors and performs general admission duties as well as planning and scheduling events; may interact with event participants and related vendors.

LIBRARY OPERATIONS – Catalog donated papers, magazines, technical manuals, books, and videos, using a software tool to catalog in Dewey Decimal Classification. Other tasks include researching rare books, organizing shelves and storage, organizing books to sell, and performing an annual inventory.

MUSEUM HOST – Provides basic historical information to museum visitors.  Monitors visitor activity and interacts with visitors as necessary to ensure safety of the public and the security of the museum’s artifacts and exhibits.  Coordinates and communicates with museum staff in response to security, maintenance, and other topics as needed. 

RESTORATION, MAINTENANCE AND CONSTRUCTION – Restores aircraft and vehicles to museum quality. Also builds display boxes, stands and museum-related items; works on projects to maintain the museum and airport environment. This includes working with metal, wood, Plexiglas, paint and the associated tools.

RETAIL DEVELOPMENT AND SALES – Creates aviation art from historical airplane parts, aluminum, Plexiglas and other materials.  Performs retail related tasks such as stocking, assembling retail displays, and back office tasks.

SECURITY – Conducts physical security audits of Museum; monitor and administer security systems such as cameras and site access; liaison and coordinates with VIP visitors regarding site visits or activities; maintains security-related documents, incident reports, and associated emergency planning; facilitates security and safety-related volunteer training.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATION – Works on activities to support the volunteer process, maintains associated data and forms, interacts with project or program leaders in the volunteer application and intake process, and recruits volunteers for events and activities.  Computer and Microsoft Office familiarity and the desire to work with people are required.

YOUTH SUMMER TOURS – Creates and delivers interactive tours to youth 6-13 with their families.  Summer tours are given on Saturdays covering basic WWII history and aviation concepts, then end with a hands-on learning activity for kids.

Volunteer Form

Come join the team and be a part of something special. Sign up today and your application will be considered as openings become available.

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    Support the Museum

    The National Museum of World War II Aviation is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of friends and like you. Our museum receives no federal funding or any other form of tax-payer support. We need your help to honor the contributions and sacrifices of America’s Greatest Generation, and to preserve the inspiring story of World War II Aviation for all generations to come.


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