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The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan is a military trainer aircraft with a piston engine used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s.

Besides its use as a trainer, the T-28D was successfully employed as a counter-insurgency aircraft during the Vietnam War. The “D” model had six under-wing hard points for rockets or bombs. It has continued in civilian use as an aerobatics and Warbird performer. 

Flown for the first time in September 1949, it was designed to replace the T-6 Texan. Between 1950 and 1957, a total of 1,948 were built. After becoming adopted as a primary trainer by the USAF, the United States Navy and Marine Corps adopted it as well. The Air Force phased out the aircraft from primary pilot training by the early 1960s.

It continued in use for limited training of special operations aircrews and for primary training of select foreign military personnel. It also continued to be used as a primary trainer by the Navy, the Marine Corps and Coast Guard into the early 1980s.


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