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On Saturday, March 20th, the National Museum of World War II Aviation hosted the first in a series of history seminars that will be presented at the museum over the coming year.  Some of these events will include flight demonstrations of one or more of the museum’s World War II aircraft.  

The first presentation in the series focused on the “Battle of the Bismarck Sea”, a little known air and sea battle that was a turning point in the Pacific theater in World War II. Several aircraft that were key to the Allied victory in the battle served as a backdrop for the presentation.  The event was well-attended and reactions from those who attended were positive.

Next up will be a presentation commemorating the 79th anniversary of Doolittle Raid on Japan.  The Doolittle event will take place at the Westpac Restoration hangar on the museum campus at 9am on Saturday, April 17th and will include a flight demonstration of the museum’s B-25, weather permitting.

Watch the museum’s website at for announcements of additional seminars and events. 

Curator and Historian Gene Pfeffer presents the “Battle of the Bismarck Sea”, the first in a series of history seminars scheduled for the coming year at the National Museum of World War II Aviation.


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