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The Aircraft Collection

The National Museum of World War II Aviation is home-base for 20 fully-restored, flying World War II aircraft, and frequently hosts other Word War II aircraft as they fly cross-country for airshows and events.  The museum has seven other flying aircraft in its collection, including pre-war and post-war aircraft related to the story of World War II aviation.

Most of the aircraft in the permanent collection are owned by the Museum while others are on loan from private collectors. These aircraft, together with the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts and archival materials, tell the full story our nation’s advancements in aviation during the Second World War.

While most of the collection can be viewed on any given day at the museum, some aircraft may not be on display due to space limitations, maintenance requirements or touring commitments. 


Click on the button below for a complete list of aircraft in the museum’s collection. Click on the thumbnails below for specific information on each aircraft. 


The National Museum of World War II Aviation
will be open to the public on
December 7, 2021 10am to 5pm
for the 80th anniversary of the
attack on Pearl Harbor

The National Museum of World War II Aviation
will close at 3pm on Sunday, December 12
for a private event.

The National Museum will be closed all day on
Thursday, November 25 for Thanksgiving,
Saturday, December 25 for Christmas, and
Saturday, January 1 for New Years