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National Aerospace Education Center (NAEC)

Looking to the future, the National Museum of World War II Aviation is leading an effort to establish the National Aerospace Education Center (NAEC), a coalition of public and private sector organizations dedicated to the promotion of STEM education. Under this concept, the museum will leverage its K-12 STEM program to capture the imagination of students early on in their academic development and introduce them to advanced learning opportunities made available through the NAEC’s partnership agencies. This unique learning environment will be a catalyst for the STEM education process and will clear new pathways for students seeking STEM-related careers.

NAEC programs will target not only college bound students, but also those who are more inclined toward a technical training track. One such program currently under development is a partnership between the Museum, local high schools, and Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology to introduce high school students to career opportunities in aircraft maintenance and production. This innovative program is fully certified by the State of Colorado as part of the high school math and science curriculum. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration has authorized Spartan College to give participating students credit toward completion of its Airframe and Powerplant program.

Ultimately, the NAEC will expand its educational partnerships to include a broad spectrum of aviation career tracks, including aeronautical design, engineering, pilot training, UAV operations, and avionics maintenance.

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February 18, 2023
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