The Founders Group

To date the Museum’s development has been made possible by the generous contributions of visionaries and volunteers who recognized the potential and need for a museum that would focus exclusively on the story of World War II Aviation.  Now enough has been accomplished to show the power and potential of this one-of-a-kind Museum and we seek others to join in our efforts to take the vital step toward completion of the Final Design Phase.  Members of the Founders Group will be permanently recognized as Museum partners who are willing to invest in much of the great work already accomplished.

There is no other museum in the world to focus solely on the important story of World war II aviation:  Men and women transforming domestic industrial facilities into aircraft assembly plants on a scale never seen before; young women trained as pilots to deliver the finished aircraft to the front; aviators, many of them painfully young and inexperienced, trained to fly them on astonishingly dangerous missions.

The stories of World War II aviation are legion – exciting, engaging, tragic, exhilarating and inspiring.  They are stories of science and technology, of the development of aircraft; of men and women; homes, battlefields and victory gardens; courage and daring, commitment and patriotism, invention and skill; success and loss.  Taken together they are stories of change, risk, comradeship, and above all, people coming together for a common purpose.

This is a national story of importance to everyone.  It is one of the great moments in our history, peopled by individuals and groups who achieved greatness unsought and often uncelebrated.  Now is the time to pause, to give them their due, to say, “Well done,” and to examine ourselves and the time in which we live.  How can we learn from their example? How can we re-invigorate the ingredients of that moment in history when everything changed and America and its allies rose together to meet the challenge.  How can we apply the same ingenuity, teamwork and passion to solve the issues of today by learning from lessons of the past?

Because the Founders Group will play such an important role in bringing the final design phase to reality we offer to investors in the Founders’ Group unique recognition benefits appropriate to their essential role in the Museum’s development.

In recognition of initial donors of $10,000 or more, the Founders Group members receive:

  • Permanent recognition on the Museum website
  • Permanent recognition in the completed Museum
  • Founders Group Advisory Board will provide periodic advice and counsel directly to the Board of Directors
  • Founders’ Group one-time use for an event at the facility
  • Waiver of rental fees for use of the Museum when built (or Westpac Restorations) to host an event for the Founder’s friends, family or business
  • Invitation to the gala celebration opening of the National Museum of World War II Aviation

Please join us.  Membership in The Founders’ Group will be limited in recognition of the visionary spirit with which they support the Museum.

Individuals or corporations interested in learning more about the Founders Group are encouraged to contact Bill Klaers at 719-637-7559.