You are the biggest factor in making the National Museum of World War II Aviation a reality. A wide range of individual, corporate, foundation, and governmental financial support is essential to complete the task.

A significant amount of money is already contributed, and much of the initial work to bring the museum to life is complete. To complete the Museum design and planning process will cost $1,130,000.

The Capital Campaign to construct the Museum and its core exhibitions and programs will cost $14.5 million.

To sustain the Museum once operational will require substantial and continuing annual support.

Contributions of any amount are both welcome and necessary in order to make the dream of the National Museum of World War II Aviation a reality.  You can make a gift by sending a check in any amount to The National Museum of World War II Aviation, address: 755 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, CO  80916, or by contacting us at Contributions.  Your contribution is tax deductable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Individuals contemplating major gifts to the Museum are encouraged to contact Kathy Janak or Bill Klaers at 719-637-7559 or by email at  Contributionsto discuss naming and other opportunities open to major contributors.

Other Ways to Give:

Planned Giving

Donation of Historical Materials

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